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We are Kevin McDonald & Jeff Austin – the founders, owners and lead consultants of Actual to Ideal™, a business review and improve consultancy based in Western Australia that has been successfully operating since 2003.

We focus on and specialise in developing a whole-of-business culture of Continuous Review & Improvement, broadly delivered through Effective Processes and Engaged People.  One of our past clients, when explaining what we do, coined the term…  “They get people, systems and processes to like each other!”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Left to Right - Jeff Austin & Kevin McDonald

We work exclusively in the SME sector of 10 – 100 employees using our array of formal and real-world qualifications & experience in…

· leadership development & delegation

· recruiting, inducting and retaining the right people

· human resource development & management

· continuous review & improvement

· business diagnostic

· team engagement & development

· meeting participation

· sales drivers and customer retention

· organisational culture & team dynamics

· communication flow, clarity & consistency

· operational & customer service best practice & attainment

· identifying and closing gaps – permanently

· dynamic budgeting, reporting, real-time forecasting

· p&l and balance sheet analysis for non-accountants

· cash flow management

· lean practices and cost controls

· conflict management & resolution

· preparing businesses for sale


kevin mcdonald


jeff austin

Mack’s career has taken him across the nation and indeed across the globe as Group GM for a major Hospitality chain. His business management experience has been further broadened filling the role of CEO for industries as diverse as Accounting, Hotel Management, Civil Construction & Telecommunications. His expertise is expansive and the skills that top his list include Introducing and Implementing Business Systems, Real Time Budgeting and Forecasting, Team & Individual Results Development, and Communication for Clarity & Consistency. Having sold his hugely successful Telecommunications business in 2008, Mack joined Jeff in Actual to Ideal™ and together they continue to build on it and their new SMHT venture. And if after looking at Mack’s photo, you’re thinking that he reminds you of someone… we too are convinced that he’s a not-too-distant relative of Robin Williams!

Jeff’s background is expansive and he specialises in People Development, HR Recruiting, Leadership & Communication, together with Understanding & Resolving Conflict. This expertise comes from 15 years as a business manager in industries from Hospitality, Food & Beverage to Media and Sales & Marketing. Since 2003 he has built his own business improvement consultancy (Actual to Ideal™) working directly with over 130 clients from an almost equally broad number of industries. He is also co-owner of a successful commercial printing entity. And in case you feel he doesn’t have enough on his plate, he’s also a full time husband, dad, home renovator, soccer coach & captain of a very successful charter boat business!  Bunbury Exclusive Cruises.

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