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_ When Competency is Required - Training is the Right Tool _

Our business started out as a training company, however over time we found our clients were asking us to repeat a particular training course.  They often reported the training was fantastic but when the team returned to their busy jobs, little or none of the training was implemented.

This led us to the realisation companies required a more sustainable solution.  A process that once installed was embedded into the very culture of the business and one that did not rely on us for its ongoing success.  In fact, the very first day we start in your business, we are working on our exit strategy.  Simply put we “teach people how to fish”.

There is no doubt at times, training is the right tool.  E.g., an apprentice starting out on day one or an experienced employee working on the tools commencing a new role in sales.

In the event you would like to discuss training in a specific area, including, then by all means complete our contact page and let’s have the initial discussion.

On a final note, and before you send an experienced member of your team off on a training course due to a change in their behaviour, can we suggest first checking for the root cause? 

Like to know more about when training is the right fix? Flick thru your details by clicking on the follow this link button and let’s have an initial chat.

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