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_ Getting People, Systems and Processes to Like Each Other _

As your business grows the implementation of effective systems and processes is essential.  They will help to improve your employees’ performance and productivity, by allowing them to complete their tasks faster and more effectively.

Do some or all of the following statements ring true?

  1. You have great Systems and Processes that your team don’t follow
  2. Your Systems and Processes are not evolving as your business does
  3. Your team consider Systems and Processes to be Management stuff
  4. You made a big investment in ISO standards, but find their greatest benefit, is ticking a box on a tender

The key is to ensure “Your People, Systems and Processes to Like Each Other” Plus when the time comes to sell your business, having an up to date documented blueprint will certainly add to the saleability & value of your business.

Like to know more about getting people and systems to like each other? Flick thru your details by clicking on the follow this link button and let’s have an initial chat.

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