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Our guess is that like most business people, you would like to…

  • Improve staff competency and commitment
  • Increase sales and margins
  • Dramatically reduce errors, rework, and wastage
  • Improve your business systems, procedures, and standards
  • Have less reliance on you personally
  • Make your business (and staff) easier to manage
  • Reduce conflict and resistance to change
  • Know your business is sales-ready when you are ready to sell
  • Get out of bed and look forward to your business day

So now you are either interested or sceptical. If you are interested, get in touch, and ask us some tough questions.  If you are sceptical, we invite you to read on…


These gaps represent the difference between what you are Actually getting and what you Ideally want and know you ought to achieve.  In virtually all cases, there are 5 root causes for all business gaps.

The results come when you can recognise which root cause/s are the culprit, then apply the right intervention to fix it – for existing & future staff… yep – permanently!

When you apply the wrong fix to a known problem, you will most likely make the gap bigger. An example of this is when a business sends staff who have low motivation on a training course! Or when managers question staff productivity and commitment when there are gaps in their structures (e.g., poor job descriptions).

When you have the right tools and targeted training in using them, the job is much easier to complete.

What our Clients Didn’t Need

To close Gaps, Actual to Ideal Businesses discovered they don’t need

  • Training! Their gaps were mostly systemic and Training rarely closes systemic gaps. They also realised that the root cause of their gaps was not Competency
  • Bigger Systems! Absolutely – Actual to Ideal Businesses use systems, but far smaller versions of them, and not to vicariously close gaps, (of course, people & their communications do that) but to use the Systems as a powerful platform to have everyone involved in the right discussions at the right frequency
  • Recruitment Agencies! They’ve come to believe this simple truth… Recruitment Agencies really know their business, but no one knows your business like you do!
  • Bigger Pay Packets! Instead, they now know how to attract the right people for the right reasons, and then deliver on those non-monetary motivators
  • To Provide More Answers! Actual to Ideal Leaders know that solving other people’s problems typically makes them the owner of the problem and the solution. But developing people to solve their own problems and be actively involved in the fix (then witness the evidence) has an entirely opposite effect
  • To Marry a Consultant! Actual to Ideal businesses do business improvement consultants (yep – us) out of a job, by deeply understanding how to continuously manage, maintain and evolve their own Review & Improve Culture.

Importantly, Actual to Ideal™

  • Evolves as your business evolves
  • Actively involves all your current and future people
  • Only requires small (but regular) pieces of time once installed
  • Is not dependent on us for its continuation & success

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